Avalanche Rescue

Avalanche Rescue

Courmayeur Mont Blanc From 01/12/2021 to 30/04/2022

packages from 165.00€


The biggest danger in the mountains is getting caught in an avalanche. The only way to survive depends on rescue by other members of the group. With our mountain guides we offer you a meaningful and relevant experience where you can learn how to rescue an avalanche victim. Then, in order to implement what you learnt we will organize for you a funny treasure hunt with avalanche transceivers.

Company Experience:

The isolation that one can find within a company structure is inversely proportional to the strength of a group that is working towards a common goal.

The Avalanche Rescue activity makes people feel part of a bigger group where each person has his/her own vital role.

Our team of professional instructors and mental coaching experts provide a day centered on achieving the company's team goals whilst having fun.

With the professionals:

Following a presentation of the theory of using an ARTVA and what to do in case of an accident there will be the simulation of a rescue operation on an avalanche. 

Our organization will create your activity specially for groups or individuals in order to:

  • work in a group and for the group
  • Listen, understand and then implement instructions
  • Simulate a dangerous situation where nobody must be left behind
  • Think about the idea of time = life.
  • Constructively experience and process emotions


  • Meeting in the hotel
  • A brief presentation of the activity and then transfer to the starting point
  • There will be a proper and thorough briefing on how to use the ARTVA and a simulation of all the tasks involved
  • You will be divided into groups and alongside the guide you will have to find the best spot to carry out the activity
  • The Coach will define with you the goals for the day
  • Start the activity in the snow
  • Follow up at the end of the activity
  • Back to the hotel

Each team building project is customized according to the client's requests and number of participants. Possible customizations of all communication materials with ad hoc graphics and company logo.