Courmayeur Mont Blanc From 01/06/2019 to 30/09/2021

packages from 80.00€


Orienteering requires navigational skills using a map to navigate from point to point in the wood of Mont Blanc area. That kind of activity promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Groups are challenged with a problem, in the form of game, that they need to solve as a team. Participants are given a topographical map and coordinates which they use to find control points. We will organize some Waypoints for you along the way with gadgets and bag lunches.

Company experience:

Being present and ready to make decisions is what a company needs every day.

Orienteering is useful for developing the ability to take decisions, solve problems and be a leader

Our team of professional instructors and coaches provide a day centered on achieving the company's team goals whilst having fun.

With the professionals:

Our organization will always try to integrate all possible requests by creating personalized experiences for groups and individuals in order to:

  • work in group and as a group.
  • listen, understand and implement instructions.
  • develop the ability for problem solving, decision making..
  • experiment the role of leader.
  • live and elaborate you feelings in a positive way.


  • Meeting point at your hotel.
  • After a short presentation of the activity they will lead you to the starting point.
  • Technical explanation of how to use an ARTVA, a compass and a map.
  • You will have a practice run of all the tasks needed.
  • You will be divided into groups and you will define the place where to do the activity with the mental Coach.
  • The mental coach will define with each of you the goals for the day.
  • Start of the activity.
  • Follow up.
  • Back to the hotel.

Each team building project is customized according to the client's requests and number of participants. Possible customizations of all communication materials with ad hoc graphics and company logo.