Courmayeur Mont Blanc From 01/06/2020 to 30/09/2020

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Adventure on the most beautiful rapids of Dora Baltea, Europe's very own Colorado

For those who wish to challenge themselves with a more adrenaline-filled experience: pick morning or afternoon and dive into the most stunning rapids of Dora Baltea. 

Program and itinerary:

  • After a quick lesson on ratings techniques, we will hand out the relevant equipment.
  • You will navigate along two routes, for a total of 2 exciting hours on the river: after practicing paddling techniques and giving the group an opportunity to build a good team over the first 3.5 km, you will be ready for the real adventure! You will make your way into the Arvier gorges in the middle of an outstanding landscape, featuring waterfalls and canyons. In the steepest and most torrential part of the route you will come face to face with class III and class IV rapids. Total distance: 14 km.

Please note that:

No particular skills or experiences required...just a healthy and aware desire to HAVE FUN!

Keep in mind that:

The Way Will be chosen accordingly to the water levels and other security aspects, that are evacuate daily by our Guides. All we want is for our customers to have fun, but always in a safe way!

What we provide:
  • Raft Guide
  • wetsuit
  • wetsuit jacket
  • wetsuit shoes
  • splash jacket
  • helmet
  • lifejacket
  • paddles and inflatable boat

What you should bring:
  • Thermal or wool top (not cotton) for under your wetsuit
  • Towel and shower essentials
  • Swimsuit
  • Suitable clothes to change into after. Do not forget you are in the mountains!

The indicated price is per person

The activity is to be booked three days in advance