Snowshoeing activity

Snowshoeing activity

Courmayeur Mont Blanc From 30/11/2020 to 24/04/2021

packages from 200.00€


Snowshoeing gives the walker a directpersonal experience with the mountain environment. Walk easily through the soft powder snow and discover silent, special places blanketed in snow and ice.

Snowshoers can ignore the beaten path and go where they want. We have a range of excursions to choose from, all in the company of one of our guides specialized in nature excursions.

They will help you discover new routes and stunning scenery, sometimes arriving at refuges that stay open in the winter months or picnicking in the snow, sharing delicious delicacies between fellow walkers. We also organize off-trips up to mountains to have a dinner in a typical refuge.

Duration 4 hours approx