Courmayeur Mont Blanc From 01/04/2019 to 31/12/2021

packages from 90.00€


Glacier Travel Programs for those lacking any experience with glacier travel. These offers are addressed to hikers who wish to take their first steps at high altitude and learn the basics of crampons use.

Col du Géant walk 3387 mt is definitely the most beautiful of the excursions as it enables you to discover the heart of Monte Bianco with its scenery and majesty. During this great, scenic outing, you will discover the heart of Mont Blanc, its stunning views and its unique majesty. This program features a new way to enjoy the mountains, as it is carried out on easy terrain on the glacier, in order to teach the basics of mountaineering: rope team glacier travel with and without crampons. The route consists of a loop-shaped path, from Punta Helbronner 3466 mt to Col du Rochefort 3520 m.

Company Experience:

Often the workplace doesn't allow people to get to know each other.

This walk on a rope team will give you the opportunity to refine the concept of teamwork, working together and helping each other.

Our team of professional instructors and coaches provide a day centered on achieving the company's team goals while having fun.

With the coach:

Our organization will always try to integrate all possible requests by creating personalized experiences for groups and individuals in order to:

  • feel part of a team
  • discover the significance of being roped up together
  • compete with determination to reach a common goal
  • develop the ability to make decisions in a highly stressful situation
  • constructively experience and process emotions


  • Meeting in the hotel
  • A brief presentation of the activity and then transfer to the Skyway cable car, to reach the Punta Helbronner stop
  • Both the coach and the guide will give an activity briefing and you will be divided into groups and roped up together
  • The coach will define the goals for the day with each group
  • The activity commences
  • Follow up at the end of the activity 
  • Back to the hotel

Each team building project is customized according to the client's requests and number of participants. Possible customizations of all communication materials with ad hoc graphics and company logo.